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Zero to hero sup

Zero to Hero

5 Week Skills Course £135

Evening and Weekend dates available

Our popular 5 x 1hr per week course is designed to give you the skills and confidence to paddle independently.

This really is our ULTIMATE course.


This course is perfect for anyone over 14 years old.

Each week we will focus on a different skill and technique  while mixing up our paddle locations.

Over the 5 x weekly sessions you will learn how to;


  • Set up your board in the safest and correct way.

  • Launching and getting on your feet.

  • Moving, turning and stopping your board.

  • Self Rescue, and Rescue another paddler in distress.

  • Paddling in a straight line.

  • Different paddling techniques

  • Moving around the board, Step Back Turns, Paddle Bracing.

  • Racing Skills - Foot Steering and correct posture.

  • Weather conditions and tides and how they affect the paddler.

  • Skills and Drills.


What's Included;


  • All equipment, including boards, paddles, wetsuits and Buoyancy aid.

  • Fully qualified and professional CANI paddleboard instructors.

  • Safety brief.

  • Have lots of fun.

  • Photographs of you during the sessions.

  • Demo different Board styles to help to decide what Board to buy.

  • Demo and use high end Carbon Paddles.

  • If you cant make it to a session in the course we will fit you in on another session to cover what you missed.


 Once the Session starts, our instructors will look after you and keep you safe. You can ask as many questions as you wish along the way. Even though this is a group session we try to teach and coach at an individual level.


Courses in low season are subject to minimum numbers. If these Numbers are not met then the course may be rescheduled to the next available date.

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