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eFoil Lessons

Learn to FLY with us... Available to Book NOW

What is an eFOIL Experience?

An eFoil is a small surfboard that flies above the water, an efoil is powered by an electric motor which controls the speed and the height as you hover above the waves.

Learning to surf on a regular surfboard requires years of practice and even then, your ride time is only a few minutes in a full session.

When you’re on an eFoil however, you can keep going forever – or at least as long as your battery lasts.


Can anyone eFoil?

Experience shows that almost anyone can stand up within the first lesson. This means young, old, big, small, no surfing or SUP experience is required! Together with our instructors we make sure that the lessons are safe and that it is an unforgettable experience.

If you have board sports experience, this will totally be your bag!!!

Be warned, the feeling of foiling is incomparable and is very addictive. E-Foiling can also be used as the perfect introduction to gain experience for all forms of foiling.


We have a minimum age requirement of 16 years old, and you must be comfortable in the water and be able to swim.

What is included in the eFoil Lesson?

  • 2.5 hour Private Lesson

  • Getting to know your eFoil.

  • On land training for correct body position.

  • How to use your remote control.

  • Our unique 4 steps to Foil teaching program.

  • How to fall safely, because falling is learning and part of the FUN!

  • Your own SIFLY eFoil, bespoke tuned for your profile and skill level, making your first flight as seamless and as enjoyable as possible.

  • Wetsuit, Impact vest/buoyancy aid and Helmet.

  • 2 way bluetooth communication with the instructor, making learning faster and much safer.

  • Video and Photos of your flight.


At all times throughout the session, you will be in communication with the instructor, who will keep you on the correct path, giving instructions and helping you fine tune your perfect first flight.


Contact us to book

or buy a voucher for a loved one


What's next?


  • As well as private lessons we will offer couples lessons, you can share one eFoil and split the cost of the session. (+£15)

  • After your first lesson you can take our Explorer Experience , you can select a smaller board and faster wing. We can teach you to carve like a PRO or if preferred, take a chilled trip along the coast using our long-range battery packs.

  • With the correct conditions we can surf the swell just offshore which is a totally different and mind-blowing experience.

Why do we use SIFLY eFoils?

We trialed the first SIFLY eFoil in the UK & Ireland and believe they offer the best value of any brand. We have been testing the new boards, wings and Batteries all winter and can stand behind these quality products.


SIFLY make the most advanced eFoil on the market today, using tech that has not be seen in the industry before. We have long range battery packs, giving you more time on the water. Come and talk to us about why this European designed and manufactured product offer so much more than the American, Australian and Chinese brands. 

I want my own eFOIL?

Our partnership with SIFLY means we can now offer eFoil lessons, sales and servicing.

After your lesson, or some may say "demo", you may be interested in the purchase of an eFoil. We can help you make this as smooth as possible.


  • We will help you decide on the best board size, wing size and battery. Choosing a cool colour is up to you!

  • After any purchase through us, you will receive a free one-on-one lesson.

So why are lessons a higher price?

E-Foiling is next level technology.

They are all handmade and not mass produced, using the most premium of materials, such as Carbon Fibre and light Alloys. These materials must be used to keep the weight down and provide the strength needed to withstand the extreme forces this sport puts on the board and electronics. 

Battery technology used is also next generation. When you see our E-Foils you will understand the value of the product and understand this is not a toy, but a serious piece of engineering designed to deliver unparalleled fun.

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