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New Smart/Quick Lock Touring Fin Test

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we are always looking for ways to improve our performance while paddling on our local lakes, river or beach. Unfortunately, sometimes there is not so many options available. This problem arose when searching for an alternative fin for SUP boards with the quick-lock, Smart -Lock system. While there were a variety of choices for the US fin box system we couldn't find any available for boards from Bluefin, Thursosurf, Jobe or iRocker. These boards all were shipped with the same surf style all-round cutaway fin.

Ultimate Sup received a test fin back in early February 2021.

We tested the fin on a Thursosurf Waterwalker 132 ISUP, and found a massive improvement with the tracking and stability of the board. Riders new to the sport loved the fin and continually asked to use it because of the stability it provided. We found this fin came into its own when downwinding and choppy conditions.

See below images to compare the new fin with the standard quick lock fin.

The ER touring fin will be available in the coming weeks directly from

Eric from Eisbach Riders says;

How did the fin development start?

The project kicked-off in summer 2020 with the goal to create a touring fin which allows better straight-line paddling performance. After some rapid prototyping attempts by Eric and valuable feedback from the users of the Facebook Bluefin SUP User Group, the first real paddle tests were performed all around Europe.

What are the benefits of a SUP touring fin shape?

The larger surface area of the touring gives the paddler more sideways stability by drawing out the turn, making paddling in a straight line easier. This is a great fin shape for paddlers that want a super stable fin and great straight-line performance. Compared to out-of-the-box fins where you have to change the paddle side every 3-4 strokes, this touring fin shape allows you to double the number of strokes per side.

Using recycled waste material during the fin production

The environmental impact of this fin is important everyone on this project. The development and production is done completely in southern Germany using the latest technologies for molding injection. And we are incredibly excited that the touring fin will be made of recycled waste material from the car industry to reduce the carbon foot print of the production. This contributes to the efforts of Eisbach Riders to protect the environment as part of the 1% for the Planet community.

Recycled waste material from the car industry.

Come and see us if you want to try this fin for yourself.


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